Thursday, May 31, 2012

day 665

have you ever been so tired that it hurts to simply lift your head? or blink an eye?

have you ever been so tired that when you fall to the floor to play with your child, your husband has to help you up because you can't lift yourself?

have you ever been so tired that you thank your lucky stars you have to nurse at church and can nap in those comfy chairs in the mother's lounge?


i am THAT tired.

my sweet little man is teething... i think... and has made my nights almost entirely sleepless. when i do manage to catch some shut eye, i'm rarely fortunate enough to have the blessed REM sleep that i so desperately desire.

in spite of this sleeplessness, life is good.


Em said...

i'm with ya! except my baby wasn't teething, it was my 2 year old. a week of hell. really, i was just about to lose it b/c my baby was fast asleep, but my 2 year old was up all night and cranky all day. she is past it now, thank goodness, but i told sean that i felt like my mono was back b/c i coudln't drag myself out of bed in the mornings i was so tired. hope he gets over it soon!

Jenene said...

I remember those days and often thinking in my delirium that my obituary would read "Cause of death: lack of sleep caused by newborn".

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