Wednesday, June 29, 2011

day 328

ugh. i feel so unmotivated and TIRED and bleh lately. because i'm a substitute teacher, i don't have any work until august rolls around. that means, my days are FREE! which sounds lovely, right? wrong. well, kinda wrong. i love sleeping in, running errands, hanging out with beak, etc. but... i have a BAD habit of getting distracted and sucked into things that rot my brain (i.e. facebook, tv, facebook, tv, laying on my bed, staring at walls, etc). i hate it! i have this amazing library card and a STACK of books lying on my dresser, and yet i've only finished one. i really wanted to start STUDYING my scriptures (not just reading them), and yet they've begun to collect dust. i have rosetta stone and want to learn portuguese so i can converse with my hubbie and give him one more reason why we should go to brazil. i have this fancy new yoga dvd i want to try out, as well as a free gym membership (thank you blake), but still feel unmotivated. does anyone else ever get like this? you would think being a young, married lady with no children would take major advantage of all this free time since she'll never have it again once babies come along, but here i am, mrs. lazy roskelley. i hate it. help me out of this rut!

p.s. just in case you need some good books to read, here is what i'm reading:

1. olive kitteridge (just finished; really enjoyed it)
2. the help (heard nothing but amazing reviews)
3. the guernsey literary and potato peel society
4. anna karenina
5. loving frank (recommendation courtesy of jayna taylor!)
6. the warmth of other suns
7. a thousand splendid suns
8. never let me go (the movie was really interesting)
9. the picture of dorian gray
10. a tree grows in brooklyn
11. the life of pi
12. brave new world
13. the kite runner

Monday, June 27, 2011

day 326

holy moley. it has been farrrrr too long since i last updated this blog- 220 days to be exact. i blame my lazy white personality for not being a tad more diligent in keeping the world wide web up to date with the life of mrs. roskelley. so, go ahead, read my posts, or don't, i don't care either way.

1. my best friend is moving to germany. i'm quite sad. she leaves in two and a half months. i kinda wish i had a million bucks so i could go visit her every month. sigh. 

2. i love having a pool. it is so stinkin' hot in my house and outside that if i ever need to cool down, i just hop in, hop out, and continue with life. love it. 

3. beak and i just saw a fabulous movie last week that i recommend everyone see, especially if you love woody allen like i do. it's called "midnight in paris" starring owen wilson. 

4. um, jimmer got signed to the kings. how freakin' awesome is that?! let's hope this turns things around for the kings. 

5. i really wish i could afford to buy everything on etsy. 

6. brooke, my aunt, beaky, and i all leave for europe in 26 days. soooooooooo excited!!!!!

7. i love florence + the machine. she is the celebrity love of my life. 

8. check out my mum's new blog: Just Clayin' Around. I doubt she's put anything up yet, but it's sure to be a good read. 

9. my sister is dating a really nice guy. his name is jordan mantzke. he is in a band (Sunflow) and likes to save the environment. they'll probably get married. i hope so. 

10. here are some really funny videos you should watch. if you haven't already seen them. 

day 321

i hate, nay, i LOATHE not having a garbage disposal. your drain stinks, your garbage stinks, your house stinks, you stink, and then, to top it all off, the heat of sacramento in june causes your stink to transform into maggots. really? REALLY!?!?!? yes, really. note to self: next house must have a garbage disposal. the end. 

(i'm sparing you a picture...)

day 309

my brother left for afghanistan today. so sad. i know what he is doing is important in keeping our country safe, but it sucks having him gone. miss you cam. 

day 275

sigh. my ballet class has come to an end. oh my gosh, i had the BEST time in that class. well, most days. some days i was really reminded as to how bad a dancer i was, whereas other days were so exciting cos i FINALLY got what my teacher was trying to teach us! such a good feeling. i had to perform in a dance recital yesterday and tonight, which was incredibly nerve wracking, but now it is over. thank goodness. i didn't do very well, but at least i can say i have crossed it off my bucket list. i would upload a video of the performance, but then you'd have to watch the WHOLE two hour performance. i'll spare you. instead, here are a few pictures after the show and a video of blake interviewing me. haha!

day 268

whew. ran another half marathon today. NOT my best time whatsoever, but still left me with a feeling of accomplishment. it was SOOOOOOOOOO windy!!!!! i felt like i was running twice as slow as normal. and for the second time in my life, i got a painful blister while running. poor blake, i made him run with me and he was basically strolling along as i jogged s-l-o-w-l-y down the path. not his favourite thing to do on a saturday morning. but it was great having him there nonetheless. and my WONDERFUL friend, ms. jennifer gale also ran with us. she is amazing. 

on a side note, i must say i am so happy this whole "obama was born outside of the united states" nonsense is over. who freakin cares?! this video of obama roasting donald trump is hilarious and the perfect way to end the drama. 

day 239

we moved! happy day to us, blake and i found the cutest guest house located right in the heart of beautiful fair oaks/carmichael. we LOVE it here! we have a pool, the rent is suuuuuper cheap, the yard is great, the neighborhood is SAFE, we are really close to the american river trail. i could go on and on. basically, we want to live here forever. except maybe move down the street into a house with more than one bedroom. i can't imagine having 4 kids stuffed in this house. 

day 224 to day 229

"now you're in new york! concrete jungle where dreams are made of! there's nothing you can't do! now you're in new york!" 

that's right friends, blake and i got to spend our first anniversary on the east coast! we flew into DC on march 17, spent a few days there and then headed over to new york city for some more fun. such a fun and much needed vacation. i've decided to list the top 10 highlights, rather than drone on and on about how fabulous our trip was (don't want anyone to get too jealous):

1. the capitol. yes, we were lucky enough to get a private tour of the capitol. we even got to take the underground route to get there; pretty much only the cool senators and congress people get to use that route. many thanks to doris matsui for that one. the architecture was amazing and it was so helpful having our own personal tour guide to tell us about everything, including the little things they don't mention in the brochure. 

2. the library of congress. so incredibly beautiful!!!!! i seriously felt like i was back in italy. the tour guide was amazing and knew anything and everything about the LoC. i especially liked all the symbolism decorated throughout the building. 

3. house floor (inside the capitol). this was AWESOME. you know what happens in congress, and sometimes you see it live on CSPAN, but to see people debating in real life over proposed bills was so cool. definitely recommend that one for anyone planning to go to DC. 

4. washington monument. such a fabulous view of the city. back in the day, they'd let you take the stairs up the monument, but now that's only for maintenance men. it's a shame, because it has all these really cool stones built in the walls. you only get a quick glance on your way down from the elevator. boo. 

5. american history museum. definitely my favourite of the smithsonian museums. they had everything from dorothy's original ruby slippers to the lunch counter where the famous sit-in occurred by 4 black men in the 1960s. they had sooooo many exhibits and so many "artifacts" from our history. i felt like we barely scratched the surface. another highlight was one of the original (HUGE) american flags. very cool. 

6. newseum. oh, if there were only enough time to see everything! newseum is a fantastic museum that has every scrap of news since the beginning of time. haha, well not quite, but close. they have some of the very first newspapers and magazines from america’s early days. they have original newspapers documenting everything from landing on the moon to when lincoln was shot, and so on. they have photos and videos and everything related to news in the world. they also have a neat exhibit outside their building in which a display holds a daily newspaper for each state in america. highly recommend this museum.

7. lincoln's memorial. the night we went to lincoln’s memorial was really cool because there was a full moon out and when you were standing near lincoln’s memorial looking out towards the city, you could see the capitol, washington monument, and the full moon all lined up together. it was really beautiful. lincoln’s memorial is huge and truly amazing. the only bummer was that there were sooooo many people there. i think partly because of the full moon since there were a ton of photographers with their telescopic lenses snapping photo after photo.

8. ellis island. i’d visited the statue of liberty before, but never made it over to ellis island, so I’m really happy we got the chance to go over this time. it is so fascinating to learn about what the european immigrants had to go through to get to america. truly inspiring. it was cool reading about the funny tests american doctors would make them take to make sure they were “fit” to be in this country. also, a lot of american women took an interest in the european immigrants, helping them look more “american” and chic. haha!

9. madison square garden. definitely a highlight of the trip! blake and I got tickets to see the new york knicks play the boston celtics. such a fun game! only it was a bit sad to see the knicks lose a home game. the celtics fan behind us wasn’t sad at all- she literally SCREAMED (as if she was being murdered) the WHOLE game cheering for the celtics. at least we got a lot of laughs out of it.

10. 9/11 memorial. definitely my favourite thing in all of new york. i knew it would be sad, but I didn’t expect to get so emotional and start crying seeing all the displays. they did a really good job of honouring those who died, the heroic efforts of hundreds of men and women, and how the world has coped with such a horrific act. 

i hope this post has inspired you to go visit the east coast. please enjoy the pictures.

(FINALLY arrived in DC after a long, uncomfortable red eye flight)
(coming up from the underground tunnel and there's the capitol!)
(if you put your foot on this star, you get good luck... or so we were told)
(a view inside the capitol; didn't take many pictures cos the lighting wasn't ideal)
(this is a million dollars. really.)
(blake is worth $1,887,300)
(great view of the capitol)
(inside the amazing library of congress, main floor)
(they had all these laurels throughout the building with such cool messages!)
(hey! it's us!)
(scorpios are the best)
(an actual piece of the berlin wall; at newseum)
(one of the many smithsonian museums)
(WWII memorial)
(everybody's favourite president)
(this is my great, great, great, great, great, (insert a million "greats"), great grandfather)
(it's a dinosaur head. rawwwr.)
(oh, just hanging out with the wright brother's amazing contraption)
(some famous author signing books at the national air & space museum. blake knows him. cool.)
(it's the stinkin' white house!)
(my friend barack lives there)
(i sure love that blake)
(this was so funny. back in the day, abolitionists made these books to teach the ABC's. so funny.)
(bahhh! dorothy's slippers!)
(blake's twin)
(at the WWII memorial)
(vietnam war memorial)
(vietnam war memorial 2)
(such a cool monument!)
(taking the ferry to the statue of liberty and ellis island)
(there it is!)

(best night ever! got to hang with jayna and dave in NYC! i love this girl!!! not to mention, the restaurant we ate at had the best wedge salad i've ever eaten. yum.)
(the library from "ghostbusters." this is for cam!)
(LDS temple in NYC)
(since i'm now a prima ballerina, we had to stop at juilliard)
(a piece of the building and photo from 9/11)
(at the knicks vs celtics game)
(almost as tall as carmelo anthony)
(we didn't want to go to times square (too touristy), but got lost and somehow ended up there. haha!)