Wednesday, November 24, 2010

day 105

I kinda wish I was cool enough to be in one of those “my name is _____ and I’m a mormon” commercials. I just don’t feel like I have anything special to share. I don’t play in a band. I don’t skateboard really well. I’m not a lawyer. Mine would go something like this. “My name is Courtney. I’m a wife. I’m trying to get pregnant. I have acne. And I’m a mormon.”

Well, maybe I wouldn’t say quite all those things…

But it brings me to my point. Yes, I’m a wife who’s trying to make a mini blake or Courtney. As wonderful as that is, it means I can no longer take my beloved acne drugs. (insert tears here). They have saved me for the past few years and now, I’m back to square one, as the drugs I was taking aren’t exactly “baby-friendly.” Luckily, I was able to go to the dermatologist today and he gave me something to help get my complexion at least a little better. Gosh, I love the medical field.

day 104

I love working early. I love getting done at a normal hour and having the rest of the day to enjoy. That’s all.

day 102 & 103...

... i did absolutely nothing. don't judge. 

day 101

nothing gets the nerves going like speaking in public. or rather the ANTICIPATION of speaking in public. yes, the bishop finally nabbed blake and me and had us speak in church today. luckily, my heart rate was only 160 bpm, compared to 360 bpm the last time we spoke in church. we were asked to speak on the blessings of being rich, which is ironic since we are the two poorest people we know. i have to say though, i really LOVE preparing for a talk. i hope this doesn't come across wrong, but it kind of forces you to "search, ponder, and pray." and i love it! now if only they would call me to be a seminary or sunday school teacher...

day 100

i've always wanted to read edgar allan poe. mostly cos i love dark and depressing stories (especially the romantic period). i decided to buy a collection of his short stories to read during my downtime at work. so far i've only read one and i must say, i'm thoroughly disappointed. it was entitled "the balloon hoax" and it was 100% BORING. more than half of the short story is a description of how a hot air balloon is built- technical jargon and all. hopefully the next story is somewhat more interesting. 

any suggestions?

day 99

today i was watching TV and saw a commercial for sarah palin's new reality show. during the commercial she starts climbing a mountain and while looking up says, "this is flippin' fun!" oh dear. flippin? this scares me. but it made me think of my dear sweet, jenjamin long, who refers to soda as "pop." bless her soul. 

this made me wonder- what quirky words do you use?

day 98

happy veteran's day!

i am so honoured to have a member of my family part of the military. my brother cameron is an incredible example to me as someone who is willing to sacrifice himself so that his fellow american citizens can enjoy the freedoms this country was founded on. i am so proud of him, and the other 25 million veterans (past and present) that continue to protect our families, our cities, and our country. 

day 97

3 thoughts...

1. i love having days off. i feel like a day off from work is the day you do everything. my day off consisted of cleaning my room and attempting to organize all the garbage that collects on our dresser during the "work days."

2. today, many moons ago, sesame street premiered! how many of you 80s babies lived for sesame street? not to mention mr. rogers and reading rainbow. i often shed a tear knowing that my children may never experience lamar, mr. rogers, or big bird the way i did.

3. i love real mexican food. love it. but i REALLY love fake mexican food. give me chevy's, baja fresh, and chipotle any day. like today. my wonderful husband took me to chevy's for dinner, where i gorged (yes, gorged) myself on shrimp/steak/chicken/pork fajitas. holy smokes, i may never eat again. well, until tomorrow, that is.

day 96

today is the anniversary of the berlin wall opening. isn't it funny to think that at one time (in the not-so-distant past), there was an east germany and a west germany? i can't even imagine separating california into "northern california" and "southern california." Now that I think about it, didn’t some propose that idea a few years back?

(uh, no thank you)

day 95

apparently today is the 45th anniversary of the soap opera "days of our lives." who knew that a soap opera could continue to create story lines beyond "my best friend's mother's sister's next door neighbor's personal trainer broke up with the pool boy’s dad who faked being in a coma while robbing nordstrom's because he and the perfume girl had bigger plans to live in paris together with their twin siamese cats..." Or something like that.

also, i think it's important to note that this week is "dear santa" week, so get those pens out and start asking for those things to which your heart most desires.

(courtney's letter)

dear santa,
i would like the following.
1. a puppy.
2. a baby.
3. a new job


Saturday, November 20, 2010

day 94

i really enjoy testimony meeting today. i love hearing how others have come to gain a stronger testimony of a certain topic. it's inspiring, humbling, and helpful if you are struggling with a similar trial. 

after church, blake and i went to kip's house (blake's best friend) for dinner where we met his darling fiancee and ate a fabulous meal. i must say, going to dinner at other people's houses is the best? why? i'll tell you. some may know me as a picky eater. that is sometimes true. i've gotten a lot better over the years and am willing to try ALMOST anything. that being said, i can still be pretty stubborn about not trying things i think might taste weird. 

when you go to someone else's house though, it's as if your politeness is in full swing, and you have to try one of everything they offer. so i did. even though i didn't want to. and let me just say... i'm so glad i did!!! wow! i've NEVER been a fan of squash or green salads with fruit in them, but i was blown away. kip's mum did an amazing job. i am now converted. bring on the spaghetti squash. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

day 93

when the leaves turn red and make their way down from the tree to the grass below, it can only mean one thing:
it's time to visit apple hill. 

apple hill is a lovely place near placerville, ca.
it consists of... well, lots of apples, but also treasures like apple doughnuts, REAL apple juice, and my personal favourite, flavoured olive oil. yum. go visit today. 

day 92

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

day 91

today in history

november 4

Nellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming becomes the first woman elected governor of a U.S. state (1924)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

day 90

my, oh my. it seems like forever since blake and i had a date night. that's what happens when you work opposite shifts and have opposite days off. we decided to celebrate finally having date night back with a day in san francisco! our field trip had one main objective: take old school photos at the musee mechanique. after two tries at the "perfect" film strip, we gave up and graded our photos a nice B-. 

in addition to our primary objective, we got to see the aftermath of the SF giants parade. holy smokes, i've never seen so many people decked out giants memorabilia. it was insane. 

p.s. if you ever feel adventurous and want to see some new sights, refrain from taking the bus or subway. getting lost produces several unknown treasures. 

(the super cute house i want)

(best bridge ever)

(alcatraz: next SF date)

(a really, really, REALLY cool tree)

(in the cool tree)


(i love this mini door)

day 89

well, no, i didn't. i was ONE day late in registering. curses. if i had only gotten it in earlier, maybe meg whitman would have won. haha! instead we, the citizens of california, are the proud supporters of one mr. jerry brown. best of luck to you, governor. 

on a happier note...


here's a shout out to the star players of the final game!

ANDRES TORRES, winner of the willie mac award!
FREDDY SANCHEZ, makes world series history with 3 doubles!
BUSTER POSEY, rookie of the year!
CODY ROSS, MVP of the NLCS 2010!
JUAN URIBE, uuuuuu know he hit a 3 run home run in game 1!
AUBREY HUFF, proud wearer of the rally thong!
PAT BURRELL, 390 foot home run during the playoffs!
EDGAR RENTERIA, home run hero of game 5!
AARON ROWAND, hit a 2 run triple in game 2!
TIM LINCECUM, star pitcher of game 5!

last, but most definitely not least, my personal favourite...


(...fear the beard...)

best. closer. EVER. 

congratulations, giants. you deserve it. 

day 88

i would like to create a playlist with the best songs to sing along to. feel free to send me your suggestions. 

today's best song to sing along to is, 

"everybody" by tears for fears.

day 87

happy halloween! 

halloween is my second favourite holiday and i have to admit... it just wasn't the same this year. i felt like no one was really into the "halloween spirit!" no great costume from evangeline's, no fabulous decorations, hardly any trick-or-treaters, no pumpkin carving... it was really sad. hopefully next year will be a little more exciting. 

on a positive note, the giants beat the rangers in game 4! go giants! and many thanks to grandma roskelley for the AWESOME homemade doughnuts!

(blast from the past: halloween 2009)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

day 86

i love books.

going to border's and drooling over all the treasured works they possess is one of my absolute favourite pastimes. as much as i love collecting books, it seems like i "never have time" to just sit down and read them.

until recently. 

one of the perks of working at the gap late at night is that i get to read while waiting for phone calls. luckily, almost no one calls in after 6 pm which leaves me 5 glorious hours to read whatever i want. 

my most recent read is a book entitled, 
"up from slavery" by booker t. washington. 

i've never been so impressed, moved, and inspired by a book! 

in his autobiography, washington details his life as a young slave until the emancipation proclamation was passed in 1863. he then did everything in his power to gain an education and proceeded to teach the southern black people the importance of education and hard work. he worked his entire life to better his people and bring the black and white people closer together. truly an amazing man. 

make it your next read!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

day 85

okay, i'm so weird. ask blake. sometimes, out of nowehere, i'll ask him some RANDOM question and he'll be like, "uh... where did that come from?" i then proceed to explain my train of thought that led me from what we were talking about to the current out-of-place question. 

case in point....

i was just about to start writing my sob story of how brooke left us for utah, when immediately a quote from "jurassic park" popped in my head in which lexie says to alan, "he left us... HE LEFT US!" hahaha, wow.
i'm a nerd. 

now that we've gotten THAT out of the way, let me just say that brooke leaving us (well, basically leaving ME), has made me very sad. yes, i know she will be happy in the blizzards and high altitude doing things like hanging out at the creamery and going ice blocking, but i sure will miss her. like everyday. i already do. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Give and Get is Here!

Give and Get is Here!: "Enjoy 30% off from November 11-14 at Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy plus we'll make a 5% donation to a non-profit."

Thursday, November 4, 2010

day 84

once again, grey's anatomy outdoes themselves. loved the documentary style. way to go shonda rhimes.

day 83

today is wednesday. i DIDN'T go to work. the end. 

day 82

today is tuesday. i went to work. the end. 

day 81

today i cut my bangs. and i love them. pardon the cheesy self-taken picture. i had to share with my sister for approval. 

day 80

today after church, blake and i got in the car and decided to pay our grandparents a visit. first stop was with grandpa mcghie where we played a round of 31. blake won, of course. then it was off to grandma roskelley's house where she told us about all the cool things there are in jerusalem.

i just love those people. 

day 79

"the giants win the pennant! the giants win the pennant!" 

day 78

this is the best website ever.

at the top of the screen, it should say "all topics." please change this to "bizarre/oddities." you will find more treasures than you can count. 

day 77

i love spontaneity. especially when it involves driving to woodstock's pizza at midnight with your sister just because you're hungry and it sounds good. 

day 76

i've decided to make a list of things i currently like...

1. rowley from "diary of a wimpy kid." i kinda wish he was my kid or my best friend. 

2. TAG10- spreading kidness around the world. 

3. weird vintage ads- creepy...

4. paper sky store in SLO. i could stay there for days. 

5. for those who love or hate cauliflower- eat this: 

day 75

oh my. there is nothing better than seeing your favourite celebrity couple sing at the giants vs. phillies game in san francisco. ben gibbard and his darling other half, zooey deschanel, once again blew me away with their amazing pipes.

day 74

i can't believe this kid is putting in his mission papers any day now. so awesome. here are my top 3 places in which i think he'll go...

1. baton rouge, LA
2. somewhere in the middle of north dakota
3. kiev, ukraine. 

no matter where he goes, i hope he knows how incredibly PROUD his family is of him!

day 73

one of my favourite people, mr. micah taylor, finally returned from his mission in brazil! it was so fun seeing him, as well as my second family, the taylors at his open house. i just love them. 

(micah and my most lovely friend jayna)