Thursday, June 18, 2015


I decided to start writing in my blog again for a couple reasons. First and foremost for my son Max. 

Max, my sweet boy, I want you to know that when someone figures out what you want, you "heh-heh-heh" just like goat. Exactly like a goat. Your Grandma Mortimer has been begging me to get this on video, but until I get around to that, I figured I better put it down in writing. It is one of my favourite things about you. 

The second reason I decided to start writing again is because I have a faulty memory. I don't remember what I ate 3 hours ago, let alone what I did 3 years ago. My best friend since childhood has always kept my memories safe in that limitless head of hers, however, since she (sadly) can't be by my side 24/7, I miss out on the funny, amazing, stressful, and frustrating parts of my everyday life. I'd like to remember those things. 

Right now, however, it's late and I don't have the brain power to think of anything worthwhile to share, so until next time, farewell. 


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