Monday, August 16, 2010

day 11

today was a good day and a bad day...

good- i had my first day of classes! 

bad- i had to drop all of my classes.   :(

good- that's because blake got a job!

bad- he's getting underpaid.   :(

good- it's more than we're making now! (which is $0/hour)

bad- we have to pack our house.   :(

good- we're moving to a cool house in sacramento!

bad- we won't be 5 minutes from the beach.   :( 

good- we'll be super close to our friends and fam!

(i was only gonna list like 2 things, but it's fun doing the good/bad thing)

so, we're off to sacramento as of saturday. luckily there is a yoga class offered at CSUS, so i can still get my downward dog fix twice a week. now, if only i could find a running partner...

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