Monday, May 14, 2012

day 648

i feel like i might be driving my friends on Facebook crazy. call it "new mom syndrome," but i post a LOT of pictures/videos of my little buddy and i'm sure it's getting old. the problem is that i am so in love with him, i just can't stop. 

yesterday i was at my mum's house for mother's day and i was just staring at sam thinking, "oh my gosh. i am the LUCKIEST person in the UNIVERSE!!! i have YOU as my son." and suddenly i got into "protective mother bear" mode thinking of all the things that could happen to him in his lifetime and how i would do ANYTHING in the world to protect my little boy. 

it's funny how he and i have only been best buds for a little over 3 months and already we are inseparable and have a love for each other that is infinite. well, i imagine he loves me. i feed him at 3 am, dance around the house in my pajamas singing to him, and laugh when he poops on me. how could he not love me?    :)


Miranda and Tommy said...

haha i totally feel this same way!! so you are in good company. feel free to share the love!

Jenene said...

I will never get tired of baby Sam posts-okay so I'm biased as the grandma, but still you'll always know at least one person out there is not going crazy over this!

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