Friday, December 20, 2013


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As a baby, Sam was every mother's dream come true when it came to eating. He was my kale baby! He ate every vegetable (and more!) you could put in front of him and he ate A LOT. Like, wayyyyy more than any other kid I knew. 

I was so proud. 

Shortly after we started him on solids, he began the 
"put-everything-in-your-mouth" stage. 

We thought it would end at some point. Surely he wouldn't continue to put everything in his mouth forever, right? 



What started as typical phase in every child's life has quickly spun out of control. At 22 months old, my sweet Sammy appears to have developed Pica. 

His favourite item? Books. 

What used to be his favourite activity (reading) has now become his favourite activity for another reason (eating). 

Some of you might be laughing thinking, "Oh, Courtney. How you must be exaggerating. All children eat non-food things now and again. Such an amateur..." 

I would then chuckle at your comment and invite you into my library. There you would find DOZENS of books with missing pages, covers, and spines. All eaten by my little boy. Some suggest only letting him read board books. 

No good. He already ate them all. 

The good news is that I'm not alone. Google told me that lots of parents have dealt with this problem. 

The bad news is there is no real solution. 

Any of you dealt with this? Let me know your thoughts. 


Ben and Katie Brown said...

Yes! Olivia put things in her mouth until almost last year. He will grow out of it..hopefully. And at lease he isn't sticking things in his nose... i have heard that is a worse problem other than in the mouth. One time, Olivia went down for a nap, maybe just over 2 years old, and had pooped. Well she decided to stick her hand down her diaper, and not only wipe it all over the rocking chair, her bed and the wall, she had rubbed her eyes, you know because it was nap time, and now had poop all over her face. That was quite the mess. So at least he hasn't done that huh?? ;)

Em said...

hahahahahaha this might be my FAVORITE blog post of allllll time. courtney, I LOVE YOU!!!! the record was the one that had me laughing so hard sitting alone in my kitchen. have not experienced that, but i'm pretty sure you're not crying wolf. that record though...LOL

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