Monday, September 6, 2010

day 28

my grandpa is going to be 91 this year and i think the only thing that's really changed about him is that he cheats when he plays games. but i don't even care. the older i've gotten, the more i appreciate my grandparents and want to spend more time with them. so today, beak and i went and played games with my grandpa. he taught me cribbage. i would explain the rules here, but since he changed them the whole time we played (he won, of course), i'll have to wait until next time. haha!

and i know i already posted about how much i love the temple, but i figure you can never say it enough. 

i LOVE being so close to the temple. blake's and my goal is to attend once a week and since living in sacramento, we are 2 for 2. today we got to the temple EXACTLY as the session was starting so we ran in to see if they'd let us go anyway. lucky for me they did, but poor blake didn't get in. so it was just me and beak. 

such a great day though.

(my favourite lady)

(my love)


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