Wednesday, September 29, 2010

day 44

the thing i love most about my family (and friends) is that we can act like idiots around each other and think nothing of it. take tonight, for example. after a fantastic dinner of homemade carnitas (thank you beaky!), we played a classic McGhie game, commonly referred to as "Matthew Mark Luke John."

it consists of several people sitting in a circle with an assigned name/number. everyone joins in, repeating a four count rhythm, slapping their legs twice and then clapping twice. the person in "matthew's" spot always starts. on the fourth count, he calls the name/number of someone else who then must "accept" their name and then pass it on to someone else. if someone misses the rhythm or calls their own name/number, they move the to the last position and the game starts over. the point is to become "matthew." 

well, our family is a little different. 

instead of calling out ordinary names and numbers, we play silently using hand motions... animal motions, that is: elephant, penguin, shark, rabbit, horse, monkey, and worm.

i have never laughed so hard in my entire life. watching my mum try and remember everyone's signs (as well as her own) and respond without going out of rhythm is HILARIOUS! one time in particular, we had to stop the game cos everyone was laughing so hard as she jolted and breathed loudly as she hurried and passed her sign. 
we ended up playing so long, that i bruised my legs from slapping them so many times.

 best night ever.

(my battle wounds)


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