Wednesday, September 29, 2010

day 43

i must say, "pre-blake courtney" was never much of a sports fan. since being married, however, watching sports has become more and more exciting. i can now see why guys like it so much (though i'll never understand golf). i still remember watching the duke vs. butler NCAA championship basketball game for FHE one night and going crazy in the last 60 seconds as they battled it out to the end.

then... there are those games that just thoroughly disappoint (see below). 

in celebration of cam and hayley coming to visit, blake and i thought it would be so fun to get the four of us, as well as brooke and braden, tickets to see a giants game. classic american activity. we tail gated in the parking lot, BBQing shrimp and linguica, and almost made it in time for the free buster posey t-shirts. what was even more fun was that our ronald mcdonald cheap seats ($10!) put us in the VERY TOP row of the stadium. yes, the players were barely visible, but the view of the city/ocean was INCREDIBLE. 

so, there we were, overpriced kettle corn and cotton candy in hand, ready for a night of amazing baseball... 

what was that? the giants didn't get the memo? nope. game ended pitifully, 3-0 brewers. 

i know, i know. i shouldn't be so hard on them. after all, they did beat the dodgers (!) the night before 10-2 with three home runs. it's just too bad they played so well on thursday and so awful on friday. 

BUT, in spite of not-so-great playing, i must say it was one of the most fun nights i've had in a long time. 

(blake getting ready for some most excellent baseball)


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