Tuesday, October 5, 2010

day 55

most of you know that i have the memory of an ant. or an alzheimer's patient. or... whatever. the point is, i can barely remember what i did an hour ago, let alone several years ago. 

that being said, there are those occasional times when a memory pops in my head. a random memory that comes out of left field. 

today's memory is of when i lived in utah, back in 2001. i was working at lowe's, paying extravagant amounts of money towards overdraft fees and credit card payments (terrible lesson to be learned), and starving to death. being the prideful person i was/am, i refused to eat my roommates delicious food and instead resorted to toothpaste and 88 cent jiffy muffins. true story. 

when i came to work the next day, i found a bag of groceries with my name on them from a girl i worked with, whom i barely knew. nothing super expensive, but it was enough to tide me over until i got paid. i was amazed at her generosity, being a pooooor college student like myself. 

note to readers:

IN FASION                OUT of FASHION
philanthropy              self absorption 

p.s. "full house" is the CHEESIEST show ever. 


blake said...

that was a genius post. for reals.

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