Wednesday, October 6, 2010

day 58

i've never been a big fan of utah. mountains, dry weather, snow... no thanks. 

that being said, i was pleasantly surprised by one of utah's unknown (well, unknown to me) treasures. 

rather than watch conference on TV like most people, my lovely friend beth suggested we get breakfast and drive the alpine loop for the saturday morning session. 

this is what we saw:

gorgeous, right? 

later that evening, while the boys were at the priesthood session, we did what all other utah ladies do: eat cafe rio and see a $3 movie. the movie of choice is entitled, "flipped." it's the story of two 12 year old kids, julie and bryce, and their relationship from second grade to junior high. cutest movie ever. 


blake said...

the movie looks like a chick flick. i dunno...

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