Wednesday, October 6, 2010

day 60

i called a stranger today. yes, me. the "white" personality who can't talk to anyone she doesn't know (i used to make brooke call stores to ask if they were hiring- she was 11). 

but today, i called a stranger in my ward to see if she wanted to go running. and she said yes. i nearly patted myself on the back. 

p.s. i know this is old, but i just found these pictures so thought i would post them with the accompanying story. 

a few weeks ago after church, i was sitting lazily on the bed and the following took place...

me: "hey will you grab me some clothes to wear?" 
blake: "sure, what do you want to wear?"
me: "anything."
blake: "anything?"
me: "yeah, i don't care."  

he then pulled out this:

yes, this is a scuba suit. 

so, i made him wear this:

hospital scrubs, taxi cab hat, napoleon dynamite shirt, looney tunes jacket, pink tie, and graduation gown. 

i still think my outfit is worse. 


blake said...

Its not a scuba suit! its a wet suit. Or, in your case I guess we could hall it a "sweat" suit. bahaha

Court said...

LOL! i don't think a "sweat" suit fully describes the feeling of wearing that in 90 degree weather.

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