Saturday, September 10, 2011

day 364

i LOVE the rain. everyone in my family loves the rain. i refuse to ever buy an umbrella cos i love the feeling of getting soaking wet and enjoying the gloomy weather. and gloomy is a good thing to courtney. 

well, london has been anything but good-gloomy. it has been hotter than hades. i know what you're thinking- it's summer! it's supposed to be hot! england is the exception to the rule. they don't "do" hot. but this year, they've had to. 

luckily for us (and them), today was the exception. it was POURING down rain. and we LOVED it! we took the train to my old stomping ground of notting hill to visit the portobello road market. sadly, because of the blessed rain, the market wasn't happening. we did get to check out some really cool shops though, which was fun. 

we tried to make it to hampton court palace, but sadly there was no time, so instead we went to the british museum. so many cool exhibits!! i only wish i had a wheelchair and about 10% of the people there, so i could have enjoyed it more. haha! my feet were killing me and my claustrophobia was kicking in with the million people there. i think the rest of london had the same idea as us in spending the rainy afternoon at a free and well renowned museum. 

(tiny car in the window of a pizza shop with pizza coming out of the car window. so fun!)

(REALLY cool display called "cradle to grave" which explores health in britain).


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