Tuesday, September 13, 2011

day 365

our last day in europe. such a bittersweet day! we leave tomorrow, back to the real world; back to work, dishes, life, responsibilities, and so forth. as sad as i am to leave europe and go back to dishes, i am SO excited to see my husband, sleep in my own bed, and eat non-restaurant food! i have had such a fun time with my aunt, mum, and sister. they are some hilarious people!! 

today, we ended our vacation by going to hampton court palace- a beautiful palace with AMAZING gardens and a maze. to be honest, though, after experiencing the world's biggest corn maze in dixon, CA, i was a tad disappointed by the palace maze that lasted about 45 seconds and was a difficulty level of zero. but it was still fun nonetheless. 

next time you hear from me, i'll be back in the U-S-of-A!  

(this is courtney dying of heat, drinking her overly priced, gross strawberry freeze)

(brooke's walking stick she insisted on taking all around the palace)

(jordan would be so sad to see this)

(poor lora. she's a wiped out lady)

(brooke spooning peas out of her gross soup)

(starving to death, eating bread and butter. baby is crying inside for more food)

(blake's twin. this is what my future son will look like)

(i love trees)

(the horse that took us on a nice little carriage tour of the palace)

(so tired...)

i love that everything here reminds me of "alice in wonderland!"


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