Saturday, September 10, 2011

day 363

ahhhh, paris (pa-ree). the land of crusty french bread, men serenading you with accordions, and one too many berets. i love it! 

but alas... i am not in paris. sigh. double sigh. after a crazy morning of getting up at 3:30 am, waiting at the tube station for half an hour thinking, "any minute now a train will arrive," running around paddington station to find the heathrow connect, anxiously bouncing in our seats hoping we would get to the airport on time... ONLY to run to the ticket counter and find out that even though our plane hasn't left, we were too late to get on. 

the even worse part? non refundable tickets. TRIPLE SIGH. cue the charlie brown theme music as we leave the airport...

but you know what? i'm in england!!! i wipe those tears away cos there is fun to be had even without the accordions and french bread. (but i sure would have loved real life french bread... with cold butter... and a warm HoCho... STOP courtney. move on). 

so, the rest of the day was a kind of free-for-all/rest day. brooke and i did some shopping in camden town (kind of like a flea market with lots of cheap vendors, shops, tons of clothes, novelty items, etc) and took a much needed 3 hour nap. the weather in london has been REALLY hot and humid and i think it has really had its effect on our motivation to get out there and explore. boo.

we did end the day on a most excellent note with a showing of "harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 2."

okay, seriously, am i the only one who felt like the last harry potter movie was like when michael scott left "the office?" okay, perhaps the last harry potter movie was a bit more tragic, but i feel like a chapter of my life has come to an end. haha, wow. i am a harry potter nerd. well, brooke is a much bigger harry potter fan than me (two words, brooke: excel spreadsheet), but still. the world of harry potter has been around for 14 years and now that it's over (especially when the movie ended tonight), i thought, "hmmm. now what do i do?" i can already picture blake reading this post going, "oh dear. OH DEAR. really, court? REALLY!?" yes, blake. really. 

don't worry. i'm stopping. 

(the lonely baker street tube station)

(half asleep, praying a train will show up... notice the cool sherlock holmes image to the right of me)


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