Wednesday, August 3, 2011

day 356

today we left york. tear. but we're off to scotland! never been to scotland and i'm sure by the end of the trip i will have many good things to say about it. here are the highlights of today...

1. i've been on trains/planes/automobiles with crying babies or kids throwing tantrums, but NOTHING like the child we had on our train from york to glasgow. i couldn't help laughing because the poor child was SCREECHING at the top of her lungs as if her mum was tearing her limbs off. hmmm. i always thought trains were kind of fun. 

2. if i were ever to create a horror film, it would not include scantily clad women running from masked men with chainsaws. it would not be prom queens covered in blood. it would not be extra large sharks eating people. it would be my american aunt driving a car in scotland. oh. my. gosh. i swear i saw my whole life flash by in the blink of an eye as i pictured my life coming to end and we swerved around roundabouts, avoided honking cars, barely escaped hitting a side rail on the freeway, getting lost, driving in circles, pulling over, etc. truly nothing scarier. truly. 

3. a man walked into the women's bathroom today as brooke and i went in. he walked in a stall, left the door open, and i assume did his business. brooke and i were silent laughing so hard, it came out like weirds bursts of air and spitting as we tried to contain ourselves and get out before we had to face the man. i realize men and women sharing bathrooms isn't *that* strange, but it was just so weird the way he nonchalantly walked in. 

4. my aunt makes me laugh. every time she gets lost, needs help, wants to ask something, she prefaces it with, "hi. we're american tourists. can you....?" it makes me laugh. and cringe. but mostly laugh. 

sorry this post is a tad boring, but tomorrow will be much better, i promise. 

(my favourite sign so far in scotland)


Michelle said...

There was absolutely nothing boring about this post. I was laughing the whole time I was reading. You make me smile. I'm so glad you are keeping us updated and it sounds like you are having a great trip! Here's to a few more wonderful days!!

Jeralyn said...

Courtney, it has been fun to kinda keep up with you guys while you have been on your trip. Sounds like you guys are having an awesome time. But... you would make a horror movie about my mom's driving?? Haha, that is too funny! I hope you guys are all okay and survive the rest of your trip!! :)

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