Thursday, August 18, 2011

day 362

oh, london. you have so many great things. so many that it may take me a lifetime to see them all. here is today's fun filled adventures:

1. shakespeare's globe: isn't shakespeare grand? i mean, really, the man can do no wrong. has anyone seen the preview for the movie "anonymous" about the validity of shakespeare's works? i might cry a thousand tears if it turns out he's a fraud. but until the movie comes out, i stand by him and am here to tell you about the greatness of the globe theatre. 

sigh. the globe. so romantic. so dramatic. so historic! for those that aren't shakespeare buffs (not suggesting i am), there were a few big theatres back in shakespeare's day and the globe was one of them. shakespeare primarily wrote for (and often performed in) the theatre group called lord chamberlain's men. 

the globe theatre in london today is as close a replica as possible. they have a thatched roof (covered in hay) and it was constructed entirely out of oak, no steel was used. pretty snazzy if you ask me. 

anyway, enough history for you today. the tour took us into the theatre where we got to watch some actors rehearsing for an upcoming show. that was really cool- they don't use any microphones, only use a live "band" of musicians, rely primarily on natural light. very authentic. then we got to go see all the different costumes, how they created special effects back then, etc. it was really amazing. 

2. bus tour: sometimes i love bus tours. mostly cos it gives my feet a break, but also cos it covers a lot in a small amount of time. we got to see where mozart lived, where j.k. rowling lives (brooke was dying to stop by and say hi), learn a ton of trivia about different monuments. we even saw some campers who've been living in tents for the past 5 years protesting the war. five years? i probably would have given up by then. 

3. tower of london: you would think that with a whole day ahead of you, you'd be able to see a ton of sights, right? wrong. brooke and i only saw the globe, went on a bus tour, and had lunch by the time we arrived for the last tour at tower of london. unfortunately, the entire city of london also knew that this was the last tour, and my claustrophobia kicked in. we decided to ditch the tour and do things on our own. the last time i was in england, i went on a tour of tower of london and having a guide makes it all the more worthwhile. we did see a lot of amazing things, but our feet were KILLING us!!! by the end, i was like, "i don't care if queen elizabeth herself is in here showing off the crown jewels, get me home." haha! i blame it on pregnancy fatigue. 

tomorrow... PARIS!!!


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