Thursday, August 18, 2011

day 360

i love scotland. i do. probably one of the best places i've ever seen. but please, for the love of hello kitty, get me to a train and out of this car! haha! all of us love being here, but definitely are not fans of driving here. narrow streets, no signs, scary drivers, etc. luckily today is our last day of having a rental car, so we're celebrating by traveling to stirling castle. brooke and i celebrated our arrival by singing (quite loudly) songs from "the sound of music." little did we know there were people on the second floor of the castle watching (and laughing) at us. kind of awkward. 

stirling castle is OLD! well, pretty much all castles are old, but this one is even older. thanks to mel gibson, i felt semi-knowledgable when reading about the history of stirling. our evil friend, edward I (or longshanks) tried to take over stirling, but thank goodness for mel, er, william wallace and his scottish comrades. they kicked english booty and put off english takeover for a bit longer. just in case you need a refresher of this fabulous movie and piece of history, enjoy courtesy of youtube. 

(this place LOVES unicorns) 

(she's mormon!)


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