Thursday, August 18, 2011

day 361

story time. 

so, we get to the train station to leave edinburgh and head to london and realize that 98% of the seats on the train have been "reserved." reserved? i thought this was a free for all. nope. so we scout for seats and find nothing. the train honks its horn indicating it's leaving in 2 seconds, so we run up and down the tracks with our 1200 lb suitcases and see 2 open seats. brooke and i are like, "you guys take the seats, we'll find some up ahead in one of the other cars." well, the train honks again at which point we jump on the train before it leaves without us. we find a conductor man and ask what to do. he points ahead and says, "join those people." uh... you mean the people sitting in between each car on the floor next to the bathroom? yeah. those people. 

so, brooke and i got to sit in in a cramped corner in front of stinky bathroom and garbage bin on the floor for 4.5 hours. 

heaven help us. 


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