Sunday, July 10, 2011

day 339

i love when random strangers change my opinion of "society these days" for just a moment. 

blake was out of town this weekend and i just DID NOT want to cook. so i didn't. i hung out at my mum's house, ate panera bread, went to in n out, etc. last night, i craved pizza, but trying to to be the thrifty, i decide to get papa murphy's and use a coupon. 

i drive to papa murphy's and realize i forgot my coupon. they don't keep coupons at their store, but there was a guy behind me who had some coupons left. i went to ask him if i could borrow (i guess "have...") one, but the lady next to him (who also was having coupon issues) had already taken the one i needed. i thought, "no biggie, i'll pay the extra $3 bucks." she's like, "hey let's split it!" i'm like, "no, really, it's cool." i probably said that 20 times, but she just wouldn't hear of it. she gave me $1.50 and said, "there! now we both benefit from the coupon!" 

i left thinking, "wow. WOW. i love people like you." i know, it's only $1.50, but it made me think, "i need to be like that." i probably would have just done nothing or maybe i would have given her the coupon, i don't know. either way, melissa with the broken printer who split a coupon with me: you made my day.


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