Saturday, July 23, 2011

day 352

hello world. it is i, courtney roskelley. just hangin' out at SFO waiting to hop a flight to toronto and on to london. can i just say how much i LOVE airports? i love them. i think i already mentioned this in a previous post, but i can never say it enough. minus the horrificly overpriced food items and the long layovers, being at the airport is pure fun. 

i'm hoping that i'll have internet in most of our hotels so i can blog while abroad and entertain the 1 person that reads this blog (yikes, that's me) with pictures of castles, cool british people, scary french people with tasty food, wonders of the world, etc, etc. fun fun.


Jordan Mantzke said...

cool blog! beautiful picture! :)

Emily Drennan said...

I read your blog!!! :)

grasseater2000 said...

Where have you been all my life?! i sure miss you! ok, can i just say that if i weren't pregnant, married with a kid i would totally be there again. well, if i were married i would still go with you! i need to go back. That was so much fun...and p.s., we still need pictures and video from tana. golly. i'll get on that. ha! have fun and take lots and lots of pictures. and if a random lady walks by you and calls you stupid, don't take offense. it happens.

Court said...

okay, eileen, you crack me up. seriously. be my next door neighbor already, so i can call you over whenever i want and you can be my personal comedian. and emily, you're the best! i love that someone reads this thing! haha!

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