Wednesday, July 27, 2011

day 354

Good morning world. We have arrived in the lovely city of York. Other than a missing bag, things are going great over here. We didn’t have much on our agenda today, so we mostly explored. Here are a few thoughts about the day: 

1. Starbucks is like the LDS church- it’s the same everywhere you go. I love that. 

2. To add my two cents to the stereotype that England really does have the worst food, let me tell you a little story. Its name is “this-chicken-was-cooked-three-years-ago-but-if-we-paint-it-orange-and-mix-it-with-some-decent-chicken-this-tourist-will-never-know.” Now, as we’ve established, I’m not a tourist. England is my true homeland, thus this ridiculous restaurant called Russell’s couldn’t fool me. I have never experienced something so grotesque in a dining experience. My chicken Caesar salad was filled with ROCK HARD, old, nasty, orange-brown chicken. I was too tired to demonstrate to the waiter that it had in fact become petrified, but I did take a piece back to the hotel to make a video and demonstrate how bad it was. Unfortunately, my pregnancy gag reflex came in full force when I unwrapped the nasty thing, so I had to throw it away. At least you have a visual.

3. One of the oldest (and most charming) streets in York is Shambles Street. Tons of cool stores! The only bummer is that EVERYTHING (literally) in the UK closes at 5 pm on the dot. So, we did a lot of window shopping. It reminds me a lot of San Luis Obispo or other small towns with novelty shops and the sort. 

4. As mentioned earlier, my bag is STILL missing. Since Brooke’s showed up the evening we arrived in London, I assumed mine would be right behind hers. No such luck. So, I am continuing to wear my pyjamas, Brooke’s undies, and my mom’s sweater. Hopefully all of my pictures don’t show me in this one outfit, so cross your fingers that it shows up soon. 

5. England has these delicious cookies called Hobknobs. I think I’m going to buy 50 packs of them for when I get home. 

6. I love how diverse this country is! It reminds me a lot of Sacramento (not the scary part of Sacramento) and how we’ve got white, black, Asian, Hispanic, Jews, Muslims, Christians, crazies, smelly people, nice people, etc. So great. 

Alright, I’m sure I’ll have much more to report on tomorrow with all the amazing things we’ve got planned, so until then...


blake said...

You are so great and I feel so bad that you had to wear the same clothes everyday for 4 days on your magical vacation. I miss you!

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