Sunday, July 24, 2011

day 353

well, i guess it's technically day 354 here in london. either way, 'ello from the best city in the WORLD. it is currently 5:15 am and i am wide awake. here is a recap of our first day in london...

1. flew from san francisco to toronto where i paid $3 for 3 pringles. yum. baby zoe was SCREECHING at me to eat more, but i couldn't bring myself to eat a pre-made roast beef wrap that was probably made a month ago and frozen to "keep" it's freshness. 

2. SPRINTED through the toronto airport (which is 35 miles wide, i might add) to make it to our next flight. i thought i would pee myself our collapse from exhaustion. happily i made it and still got to pee before boarding. 

3. now, here's a question: is there anyone in this entire universe that has ever been able to sleep (not close your eyes and fall forward on and off) on a plane? real life sleep? cos i think the ONLY time i've actually slept was when i flew business class. so, naturally, i was having a heart attack for 7 hours as we flew to london and it was 5 hours past my normal bedtime. 

4. arrived at the wonderful heathrow airport where i got my fancy stamp in my passoprt and then found out i had no luggage to collect. i thought it might have been deemed to have contained contraband since i brought the whole grocery store with me, but luckily the little man at the counter said his computer shows it to be alive and well, just late. so, as i write this, i am still waiting for them to deliver it to me at our hotel. i hope it's soon, cos i smell and would really like some clean clothes to put on after my shower. 

5. we finallllly met up with my aunt and beak and got to paddington station. i swear, as soon as i walked down there, it was like i was living there again. just charging through the station directing us where to go, remembering all the different trains and where they go. LOVED IT!!!!! my mum was like, "you're back with your people!" 

yes, yes i am. 

6. we got to our hotel in this darling neighborhood (SO CUTE!) and i collapsed on the bed where i remained for about an hour until we got dinner and explored the shopping centre around us. sigh. i love being here. i've taken exactly zero pictures though, so i'll have to post some of beak's when i blog again tomorrow. 

cheerio, my wonderful american friends. 


Em said...

Court-you are seriously the most HILARIOUS person I know on the planet!!!

Court said...

haha! i'm glad at least ONE person thinks so! thanks for the confidence boost, em!

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