Wednesday, November 24, 2010

day 95

apparently today is the 45th anniversary of the soap opera "days of our lives." who knew that a soap opera could continue to create story lines beyond "my best friend's mother's sister's next door neighbor's personal trainer broke up with the pool boy’s dad who faked being in a coma while robbing nordstrom's because he and the perfume girl had bigger plans to live in paris together with their twin siamese cats..." Or something like that.

also, i think it's important to note that this week is "dear santa" week, so get those pens out and start asking for those things to which your heart most desires.

(courtney's letter)

dear santa,
i would like the following.
1. a puppy.
2. a baby.
3. a new job



Rachel said...

good luck with the puppy :) haha

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