Sunday, November 14, 2010

day 90

my, oh my. it seems like forever since blake and i had a date night. that's what happens when you work opposite shifts and have opposite days off. we decided to celebrate finally having date night back with a day in san francisco! our field trip had one main objective: take old school photos at the musee mechanique. after two tries at the "perfect" film strip, we gave up and graded our photos a nice B-. 

in addition to our primary objective, we got to see the aftermath of the SF giants parade. holy smokes, i've never seen so many people decked out giants memorabilia. it was insane. 

p.s. if you ever feel adventurous and want to see some new sights, refrain from taking the bus or subway. getting lost produces several unknown treasures. 

(the super cute house i want)

(best bridge ever)

(alcatraz: next SF date)

(a really, really, REALLY cool tree)

(in the cool tree)


(i love this mini door)


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