Wednesday, November 24, 2010

day 97

3 thoughts...

1. i love having days off. i feel like a day off from work is the day you do everything. my day off consisted of cleaning my room and attempting to organize all the garbage that collects on our dresser during the "work days."

2. today, many moons ago, sesame street premiered! how many of you 80s babies lived for sesame street? not to mention mr. rogers and reading rainbow. i often shed a tear knowing that my children may never experience lamar, mr. rogers, or big bird the way i did.

3. i love real mexican food. love it. but i REALLY love fake mexican food. give me chevy's, baja fresh, and chipotle any day. like today. my wonderful husband took me to chevy's for dinner, where i gorged (yes, gorged) myself on shrimp/steak/chicken/pork fajitas. holy smokes, i may never eat again. well, until tomorrow, that is.


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