Saturday, November 20, 2010

day 94

i really enjoy testimony meeting today. i love hearing how others have come to gain a stronger testimony of a certain topic. it's inspiring, humbling, and helpful if you are struggling with a similar trial. 

after church, blake and i went to kip's house (blake's best friend) for dinner where we met his darling fiancee and ate a fabulous meal. i must say, going to dinner at other people's houses is the best? why? i'll tell you. some may know me as a picky eater. that is sometimes true. i've gotten a lot better over the years and am willing to try ALMOST anything. that being said, i can still be pretty stubborn about not trying things i think might taste weird. 

when you go to someone else's house though, it's as if your politeness is in full swing, and you have to try one of everything they offer. so i did. even though i didn't want to. and let me just say... i'm so glad i did!!! wow! i've NEVER been a fan of squash or green salads with fruit in them, but i was blown away. kip's mum did an amazing job. i am now converted. bring on the spaghetti squash. 


Rhandi said...

C-Jones! How did I not know about your fabulous blog? This not keeping in touch business must change! Love your blog- love you! xoxo

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