Saturday, November 13, 2010

day 86

i love books.

going to border's and drooling over all the treasured works they possess is one of my absolute favourite pastimes. as much as i love collecting books, it seems like i "never have time" to just sit down and read them.

until recently. 

one of the perks of working at the gap late at night is that i get to read while waiting for phone calls. luckily, almost no one calls in after 6 pm which leaves me 5 glorious hours to read whatever i want. 

my most recent read is a book entitled, 
"up from slavery" by booker t. washington. 

i've never been so impressed, moved, and inspired by a book! 

in his autobiography, washington details his life as a young slave until the emancipation proclamation was passed in 1863. he then did everything in his power to gain an education and proceeded to teach the southern black people the importance of education and hard work. he worked his entire life to better his people and bring the black and white people closer together. truly an amazing man. 

make it your next read!



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