Wednesday, June 29, 2011

day 328

ugh. i feel so unmotivated and TIRED and bleh lately. because i'm a substitute teacher, i don't have any work until august rolls around. that means, my days are FREE! which sounds lovely, right? wrong. well, kinda wrong. i love sleeping in, running errands, hanging out with beak, etc. but... i have a BAD habit of getting distracted and sucked into things that rot my brain (i.e. facebook, tv, facebook, tv, laying on my bed, staring at walls, etc). i hate it! i have this amazing library card and a STACK of books lying on my dresser, and yet i've only finished one. i really wanted to start STUDYING my scriptures (not just reading them), and yet they've begun to collect dust. i have rosetta stone and want to learn portuguese so i can converse with my hubbie and give him one more reason why we should go to brazil. i have this fancy new yoga dvd i want to try out, as well as a free gym membership (thank you blake), but still feel unmotivated. does anyone else ever get like this? you would think being a young, married lady with no children would take major advantage of all this free time since she'll never have it again once babies come along, but here i am, mrs. lazy roskelley. i hate it. help me out of this rut!

p.s. just in case you need some good books to read, here is what i'm reading:

1. olive kitteridge (just finished; really enjoyed it)
2. the help (heard nothing but amazing reviews)
3. the guernsey literary and potato peel society
4. anna karenina
5. loving frank (recommendation courtesy of jayna taylor!)
6. the warmth of other suns
7. a thousand splendid suns
8. never let me go (the movie was really interesting)
9. the picture of dorian gray
10. a tree grows in brooklyn
11. the life of pi
12. brave new world
13. the kite runner


Em said...

Ok I have had potato peel by the side of my bed since brennan was a baby. I have heard really good and really bad reviews. What did you think??

Court said...

haven't read it yet- i think i saw elizabeth recommend it on facebook and she has good taste so i figured i'd give it a try. i'll let you know. :)

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