Sunday, June 26, 2011

day 112


there's nothing like waking up at the crack of dawn to go volunteer on thanksgiving morning. this year blake and i signed up to be volunteers at run to feed the hungry. we were too poor to sign up and run ourselves, but still wanted to be involved with the festivities. 

when we showed up to volunteer, the group in charge gave us the fun job of cheering people on as they ran. we were given some cool signs and told where to go. i was stoked. blake took a little more time to get into the groove of things (it was SUPER early and soooooooooo cold!), but eventually he was yelling as loud as me as people ran by. not to brag or anything, but we're kind of the best cheerleaders ever. everyone was smiling and laughing as they ran by listening to us yell at the top of our lungs funny cheers and words of encouragement (except for those few die hard runners trying to finish the 10k in under 35 minutes). although it was tons of fun, by the end of the race, all we wanted to do was sit in front of a hot fire with blankets wrapped around us as we snuggle and munch on turkey and HoCho. i can't wait until we do it again next year!


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