Sunday, June 26, 2011

day 147

to: courtney
merry christmas!
from: the gap

the best christmas present i could ever ask for came 5 days late this year. it arrived on december 30th and came in the form of a final paycheck. hallelujah! i no longer work for the gap. although i only worked there two and a half months, it felt like two and a half centuries. two and a half centuries of dealing with snooty new yorkers, old ladies who talk to you on the phone for almost an hour about their daughter who was cheated on by her husband but got a boob job to console herself, rude people screaming at me on the phone because i can't make the fedex truck go any faster to deliver their package, and so on.

that being said, i'd like to publicly thank the gap for the amazing 50% off discount they gave me. blake and i now own some very cute clothes. 


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