Sunday, June 26, 2011

day 167

my goal in life is to complete everything on my bucket list. considering i have some crazy things on there, i may not get it all done by the time my life ends, but i'm all about trying. so, the two goals i begin working on today (and for the next semester) are ballet and guitar. i know, has anyone ever pictured me as a ballerina? i didn't think so. guitar, maybe, but not ballet. but i've ALWAYS wanted to learn, so i signed up and start classes today at cosumnes river college and i am SOOOOO excited!!! i just love how elegant and graceful ballerinas are and want to try it out. and guitar... i can never say enough about guitar. i'd love to learn something beyond "twinkle twinkle little star," but i'd even settle for that as a beginner. more updates on my artistic endeavors to come...

(future jenny lewis)

(future swan lake)


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