Sunday, June 26, 2011

day 107

c'est mon anniversaire aujourd'hui!

yes, today i am TWENTY-EIGHT years old! that is only 2 years away from being 30. which is basically 40. so i may as well be retired with grandkids who laugh when they find out blake and i already have our cemetery plots picked out.

a little extreme? perhaps.

but today was a fabulous day. i don't really remember what i did except that it was fun. i got a collection of awesome gifts from blake (he's the bestest) and my dearest friend, mrs. jenjamin long, sent me a PIZZA box with a round table gift card inside. um, she is the best and she knows me too well. my mum is making me fajitas this weekend for my birthday dinner and my in-laws got me the best snuggie ever. the good kind, not the janky kind. i kinda feel like the most popular person in the world with all the FB comments and emails from companies like or wishing me a happy birthday. birthdays are kinda great. 

(modeling my new snuggie... monk style)


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