Monday, June 27, 2011

day 326

holy moley. it has been farrrrr too long since i last updated this blog- 220 days to be exact. i blame my lazy white personality for not being a tad more diligent in keeping the world wide web up to date with the life of mrs. roskelley. so, go ahead, read my posts, or don't, i don't care either way.

1. my best friend is moving to germany. i'm quite sad. she leaves in two and a half months. i kinda wish i had a million bucks so i could go visit her every month. sigh. 

2. i love having a pool. it is so stinkin' hot in my house and outside that if i ever need to cool down, i just hop in, hop out, and continue with life. love it. 

3. beak and i just saw a fabulous movie last week that i recommend everyone see, especially if you love woody allen like i do. it's called "midnight in paris" starring owen wilson. 

4. um, jimmer got signed to the kings. how freakin' awesome is that?! let's hope this turns things around for the kings. 

5. i really wish i could afford to buy everything on etsy. 

6. brooke, my aunt, beaky, and i all leave for europe in 26 days. soooooooooo excited!!!!!

7. i love florence + the machine. she is the celebrity love of my life. 

8. check out my mum's new blog: Just Clayin' Around. I doubt she's put anything up yet, but it's sure to be a good read. 

9. my sister is dating a really nice guy. his name is jordan mantzke. he is in a band (Sunflow) and likes to save the environment. they'll probably get married. i hope so. 

10. here are some really funny videos you should watch. if you haven't already seen them. 


Em said...

I am 100% devastated over beth.

Court said...

ditto on beth. i was thinking about her today and how she'll be approximately 5600 miles away from me/us. so sad.

brooke mantzke said...

dear sis. i need to read your blog more. you are HILARIOUS. and i love all the videos. i'm gonna go to now, not, too case you thought i meant pitchfork.

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